Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Dressing.

Since the holidays are coming up (I've already watched "Elf" once and listened to "A Very She and Him Christmas" a dozen times), I've been thinking a lot of what to wear. I'm a sucker for holiday dressing. Give me a party to go to, and I will dress the part! My work has a holiday party, and the past two years I've come up with a theme. It's the most fun I've ever had... in my life. (I'm NOT kidding. I hate ALL of my friends and my IMPROV SHOWS.)

So, here are some dresses I've found in all of my perusing. They're all under $100. At the very least, Casey will benefit from this. He loves dressing up for holiday parties. {He's also the only person who reads my blog. Hi Casey!}

fossil, $88.

fossil, $88.

{i have a bit of a thing for emerald.}

{because who doesn't want to look like liza minelli?}

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