Thursday, November 3, 2011

this honky grandma be busy.

Gosh darn, I've been so busy! I just want to reflect on some pretty awesome things.

A few weeks ago, I did the Awkward Compliment show and I really can't explain what it was. But the show was just the best. The whole time we were knocking it out of the park. We had a packed house. People were really on our side, we had each other's backs and afterwards we kind of all had this moment of, "Did we just do that?" We all felt like we had the best show ever. And I've done several hundred shows at this point and it was certainly in my top 5.

Then, we had our Halloween show on Monday night. And god damnit, I can't explain that either! It was just awesome. We over-sold and then had to turn some people away. And from top to bottom, the show was just great. Again, we had each other's backs, the crowd was awesome, we got along, we were positive, we were excited... and it was probably the best show I've ever been a part of!

Plus, Leather Gang is doing a new structure that has been THE MOST FUN. It has put some fire back into that little almost three-year-old group.

All of this, in just a month. It's nice to be reminded of why you just love what you do so much. And all the business and hard work is absolutely worth it. And when it gets to be too much, you take a day off and stay in bed all day and watch "Airplane." Or go visit your friends in Los Angeles :) (even though it was supposed to be a surprise but I'm bad at that.)

Look at that picture above! It's for the haunted house we (and by we I mean Matt and Vic Yambao) created for after the show. That was the most terrifying part of it. We even had a (fake) dead body hanging outside in the back stairwell! Such a fun time.

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