Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Beav

i... LOVE... new year's eve.

i love everything about it!
i love dressing up in a ridiculous sparkly outfit.
i love wearing too much make-up. 
i love wasting time curling my hair knowing it won't stay.
i love drinking champagne {and way too much vodka.}
i love counting down to midnight and screaming.
i love kissing everyone at midnight.
i love having fun with my friends in an apartment filled with only my friends.

if i were the richest woman in the world, that's what i'd wear. that dress costs over $1,000. jesus. but i have my own sparkly disco ball dress that i'm going to wear. my dearest friend Cavbot is throwing a "New Year's Beav" party. i have shows beforehand then i'll be there! ringing in the new year with the best people!

i'm a little excited! 

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