Sunday, December 25, 2011

a sick and merry christmas.

 this christmas, santa gave me the flu. or just a cold. whatever he gave me, it's annoying. but i guess there's no better place to be sick than home. mainly because i get waited on and whatever i want brought to me at any time. mainly tea. and tissues. and cute kisses from my nosy dog.

i had a very nice christmas. there's really nothing to complain about right now... which is a great feeling. i have amazing friends and family... and everything's just going really well in every department. things will never be perfect, but they're as good as can be right now. for that, i'm grateful and happy.

maybe it's just the re-watching of "it's a wonderful life" that has put me in the spirit, but nonetheless, the spirit is there. and i thought of what all of your lives would be like without me, and frankly, things would be grim.

god bless us, everyone.

p.s. i love you.   {casey, you know the rest.}

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