Monday, December 5, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. i love this picture, tattoo, everything.

2. cute wreath, my dude.

3. photo booth props!

4. Bill Murray by Nan Lawson.

5. vintage little mermaid poster.
i know a little mat dann who would love this.

6. muppets cake pops. {!!!}

7. i want this suitcase briefcase, whatever it is. I WANT IT.
i want to build a table out of vintage suitcases.

8. obsessed with this book shelf/lighting unit.
i'm good with words.

9. i have a problem with girls idolizing someone who hated themselves.
but... HOT DAMN. she was so gorgeous! look at that body!

10. i just can't stop thinking about a vintage typewriter.

happy monday!

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