Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Always A Dumb Idiot.

still a dumb idiot.
I'm a pretty nostalgic person. Most of the time, it's for a period of time that I never even lived in. Like the 50's and 60's. I watch "Mad Men" and I'm like, "Aw, man, I miss that! Smoking in restaurants! Good old-fashioned wordy advertising! Fancy gloves and hats!" Even though I have no idea what that means because I was wearing Daffy Duck shirts through the 90's. 

Man, I miss the 90's.

I'm turning 26 this year, you guys. 26. Yesterday, someone asked me how long I've been working at my company, and my response of "Four years." hit me like a brick to the mother effin face. I'm not "just out of college" age anymore! I graduated college four years ago. When your time out of college is the amount of time you spent in college... you're a real, live adult.

I'm not afraid of getting older at all. In fact, I'm happy with my age and my life thus far! I've accomplished things I never even thought I'd accomplish. My "scary age" is well into my 30's, and maybe even 40's at this point. But, still... nostalgia creeps its way in and I feel old and sad. I saw a picture of me and my friends at 16, dressed up in weird costumes (because we made a "funny" video) on Facebook the other day and I wanted to die because it was terrible and I was hideous. But, I'm still very close friends with a majority of the people in the picture (all but one, really) and most of them are still my best friends. I couldn't believe all that happened in the 10 years that picture was taken, and reminded me how simple life was when I was 16!

Yet, even 10 years later, I'm dressing up in costumes, making videos and taking silly pictures with my friends (for a living, even!) So, things change (I'M MUCH BETTER LOOKING NOW) but... I'm still a dumb idiot. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

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