Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Apple a Day


The members of Awkward Compliment constantly have a group text going on since we all have iPhones now and we're all cool. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it's a bit much, but I'm always glad it's there. Because whenever I need a laugh, they're always there! It's like always having your brothers in your pocket. Like, yesterday, when Mat Dann sent us an awesome video of a monster apple that I really can't describe, nor find a way to put online. But it sparked this conversation:
Mark: When the apple turned into a monster, it scared me. 
Mat: I'm just making apple horror movies from now on.
Mark: Apple horror has huge aPEEL.
Casey: People love apple horror on this cider the country.
Mark: Hollywood is run by the Juice and they love this shit.
Me: That movie would shake them to the core.
Mark: You'll need some seed money to get things off the ground.
Casey: You could borrow some from your Granny Smith.
Mat: Eh, she's always Pie Eyed. If there was any city to shoot in it'd probably be the Big Apple. Fiona Apple is on the hook for the soundtrack.
Mark: Well, you could shoot in NYC or chard. Wherever that is? 
Me: Don't just sit on this idea until it rots.
Mat: I think it's a really crisp idea.
Mark: It'll probably be a strudel at first, but you'll persevere. My psychic said you'll probably date a Chinese girl but eventually you'll dumpling and focus on your dream.
Mat: I hope I don't run into a jam with the studios. They'll juice you for your ideas and eat you alive.
Mark: Stay off the sauce, kid.
Mat: Easier said then done, Mark. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Me: You got a lotta Mottsy, kid.


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