Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awkward Compliment, through the years.

{the original. kinda.}

{plus ryan!}
{plus mat!}

{minus matt.}

{plus wack, minus casey.}

one thing i always feel incredibly proud of is when someone comes to see an AC show and says, "how long have you guys been together? you can tell you guys are best friends." i absolutely love it. it's better than "good show" or "you guys are funny."

i was talking to someone at IA about this and that and it was all drama-filled and dumb, and then AC came up and i breathed a huge sigh of relief. i was so thankful that i still had them. that when this tiny, miniscule improv world {and really, it is SO miniscule} gets so filled with ridiculous drama... at least i have AC. we absolutely have our own problems, but at least we love and respect each other and that usually trumps everything. 

plus, if you're not in a group text getting stop motion dinosaur videos from mark o'connell... 
well, i feel sorry for you. 

god damnit, i love these guys.

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