Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Eyes.

I first found out that I needed glasses when I was in 8th grade. I took an eye test at school and the lady asked, "Where are your glasses?" and I responded, "I don't have any..." and she was shocked. I had horrible eye sight. I knew that because I couldn't see the chalk board from far away. Or friend's faces... up close.

Yeah. So, then I got glasses and the whole world changed! By that, I mean I could actually see it. I love wearing glasses. I've often thought about getting contacts, but why? My face looks weird without glasses covering it. It's just the truth. {Thanks, Evan.} And they've just become a part of me. They make sense. And I look cuter.

SO! I just bought these new ones from Warby Parker... and they make me look super hip. {Which is very important. Kidding. Kind of.} For every pair that is bought, Warby Parker sends another pair to someone who needs glasses. I do so little for the world and I give hardly anything back... so it's nice to help some other poor little 8th grader who is too dumb to realize she CAN'T SEE ANYTHING AND NEEDS GLASSES.

... hopefully that's who I'm helping.

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