Monday, January 23, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

1. let's fly, birds.
{sometimes, during mainstage shows, evan will grab my hand and whisper, "come fly with me." it's funny. other times, matt looks over at me and goes, "NO" because he sees me trying to crack my back on a chair and he knows i'm gonna die.}

2. the best zooey deschanel has ever looked.
and she always looks good. (allure)

3. super cute handmade mittens.
a beautiful mess.

4. adorable drawing! denim denise approves.

5. LOVE THIS. so manly.
wait, am i a man? (ask Casey.) (that was a note to myself.)

6. painted wood signs.

7. best cake decorating idea... ever.

8. sweet stationary.


10. oh, ron weasley. you were so cute!

happy monday!

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