Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Galentine's Day.

Galentine's Day is a day for ladies! It's the day where you gather all the best ladies in your life in one place and celebrate how much you love them! Mary, Kelly, Vicki and I {NOT SHALYN AND ASHLEY} chose to do this at my favorite restaurant ever... Gaslight. 

I drank a drink called "The Shaken Bear" and got a bottle of wine and ate some baguette and steak frites and had a great time with the ladies in my life. 

I spend so much time with guys. For example on Sunday night, I hung out with the guys in AC and topics of conversation included something tasting like their "mother's vagina" and then Mat Dann stole two rolls of toilet paper from the bathroom and dropped them on his way out. I had an awesome time. I love those guys! But sometimes I do enjoy lady conversation... like what our vaginas look like on the inside and how much we hate Kelly Clarkson's bangs.

Just kidding! We only talk about Riverdance. 

On the way out, I left this comment card where I said the only thing I would change about Gaslight is the fact that their appliances don't talk... like in Beauty and the Beast. I should stop drinking.

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