Tuesday, February 28, 2012


weekends are super busy for me.  in fact, i don't have much of a weekend at all. but this weekend was pretty good. i performed. i taught. i hung out with friends. i organized my closet and re-decorated my room.

i teach classes on saturday morning and i really love it. i've got over that whole, "oh god, the fate of your improv careers are in my hand." but then i realized my job isn't teaching anyone to be funny, it's teaching people to improvise. and i know how to do that... so... my anxiety has gone from like a 9 to a 6.5. plus, lord knows i loooove talking about improv. and myself.

here's my weekend in instagram form!

{ry charles and dog finally took me to secret spot.}

{packed show!}

{my initials on my mug!}

{my dress collection. i roygbiv'd it.}

{instagram wall. and a cat about to attack me.}

{the best guy in the world.}

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