Saturday, February 25, 2012

James Dandy

Last November, I lost my BlackBerry. It was pretty dumb. I didn't mind it so much though because I had a great night when I lost it (really makes all the difference) and I saw it as a great excuse to get an iPhone (of which I spent about $700 on.) I quickly became obsessed with the iPhone... and then barely picked up my super nice, relatively new camera.

Recently, I have been on a mission to stop neglecting my Rebel.  The rough part is I don't have a lot of free time. So, there's not much to take pictures of. But, I signed up for a photography course to really boost my skillzzzzz. But, for now, I just take pictures of my friends in shows.

Here's Jim Dandy! (Remember this from last year?) In front of a crowd of TWO HUNDRED. It was really exciting to see. It's like when you're favorite indie band gets signed to a big record label! (Wait, that's bad right? I don't know. I only listen to dead Motown artists. All my friends are dead. Hi Casey.) Aaaanyways, they had a great show. They're the funniest guys I know.

{he ate a crum. off the floor.}

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