Monday, February 6, 2012

My Sunday.

Saturday evening (really Sunday morning), I went home. I could have stayed at the theatre and hung out and drank more beer. I could have gone elsewhere with a cute boy. But it was the end of a 15 hour work day and all I wanted to do was go to bed. I was so tired that I don't even remember getting into my apartment or going to bed (and I also can't find my clothes that I was wearing!) but I do know that I woke up at 11am on Sunday morning feeling refreshed, voiceless and VERY lazy.

I had a whole day planned. I was going to get my bangs trimmed and a manicure and pedicure and get a massage... but I physically couldn't get out of bed. I stayed in bed the entire day. I kept thinking, "I'll do home things. I'll do yoga and foam roll and do my own manicure and pedicure." But, no bone in my body wanted to move. I couldn't even muster the energy to get up and put a record on. Most of the day, I wasn't even watching or listening to anything. I just laid there.*

Eventually, I fell asleep to Mary Poppins (I need to get over this crush on 1960's Dick van Dyke) while Mary Poppins was singing a lullaby to the children. Yes. A lullaby worked on me. An almost 26-year-old woman. (I say "almost 26" because my birthday is in 3 months. That's almost 26, right?)

My new schedule may be getting to me. Hopefully, I'll get used to it and not spend every single Sunday in my bed. Because I really need my bangs trimmed. Like really bad.

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