Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Finding "The One"

 i actually did just eat a lemon.

I did it. I found "the one." The one who gets me, knows what I want without even asking for it, makes me laugh, doesn't make me talk when I don't feel like talking and always has me walking away satisfied.

Yup. I found the perfect hairstylist. 

Earlier this year, I decided that I had to stop going to the same hair stylist because I felt like I needed to. I walked away consistently feeling good about my hair, but it was just boring. One day, I had an appointment... and I really  needed a haircut. But she cancelled on me. So, I saw an opportunity... and then I found her.

She was a young red head with my style. She had tattoos in the same places, and places I wanted to get them. She was funny and quirky and we actually had things to talk about because we were very similar. She also had the same hair type as me so she had a lot of tips on how to style it and take care of it. And I didn't feel socially awkward... I always feel socially awkward! 

You can do it too.  A week ago, I didn't even know! I was so dumb and blind... and now... I found the one. All for $75... plus tip.


Bronnie said...

haha brilliant!!

As someone who recently changed her hair style too I totally understand what you mean by the boringness of the same cut every time.

congrats on the new 'do, you look great!

Unknown said...

This gives me hope! My hair is so blah, it is in major need of "the one." *Crosses fingers* Soon!


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