Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remove from your Vocabulary.

patty shadow.

Guys! I'm a woman! I've got ovaries and hips and medium length soft hair that is sometimes wavy and sometimes straight but always falling out of my head and leaving strands on my clothes. And, I'm sensitive as fuck sometimes. There are days when I can handle it. I'll dish it out and take it right back! And other days, I want to curl up in a ball and ask "Yo, why you so mean?"

But just because I'm sensitive, doesn't mean I lack confidence. I'm very confident. I'm certainly self-deprecating at times, but it's all jokes! Jokes! (Sometimes.) But, I like me. And that's why I think girls need to remove some choice sayings from their vocabulary. Here they are:

"I'm sorry." After getting upset because someone hurt your feelings. You have every right to get your feelings hurt. We all need a thick skin, but we also should act like adults and be nicer to each other. I don't think everyone's intention is harmful, but you should never apologize because you were offended.

"I can't pull that off." I used to wear oversized sweatpants and sweatshirts every day and now I do not. I wear printed sundresses and leather jackets and colored tights and whatever the fuck I want. I didn't do it overnight, but at some point I just decided, "I like that look. How can I make it work for me?" Every style is your style if you make it that way. I had blonde hair, I dyed it red. I had no tattoos, I got a tattoo, I wanted to mix leopard and stripes and I did! I pulled it off because I decided I wanted to. Anybody can pull anything off. (I mean... not anything. But, you get what I'm saying. Don't wear foolish things.) 

"I can't" or "I could never do that!" Yes. You can. Really. You can. You'll be SHOCKED at how much you actually can do.

I mean, come on. Damn girl!

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