Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Right now, the thought of wearing bear legs
and no tights is keeping me going.
i want to wear all those outfits... from ModCloth.

spring means...
my birthday (a little over two months away!)
sleeping with the window open.
drinking on patios (not that i really ever do that... but it sounds nice.)
walks on the waterfront without freezing to death.
late sunlight.
a lot of kissing. (i can't prove this to be true, but again, sounds nice.)
waking up to take a shower and not wanting to die because it's so cold.
staying out late and it's ok because it's warm-ish.
eating lunch on the porch with mary.
mat dann's limoncello.
wearing only ONE jacket and not TWO. (i wear two jackets a lot.)
bright colored nails. tons of pedicures.
SUMMER FRIDAYS (technically, that's summer.)
summery beers.
blue vanilla richie's slush.
and most importantly, having fun with my friends.

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