Monday, February 13, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday {Valentine's edition}

1. polka dot straws.

2. you're my best friend.
ooooooooh, you make me live!
A Beautiful Mess.

3. anatomy of love.

4. shower full of balloons!
You Are My Fave.

5. hearts on a lawn.
Oh Happy Day.

6. for those of you in it.
wear it round yo neck.

7. this dress is called "crimson sighs"
which is my favorite name ever.

8. the cutest vintagey valentines.
(i got them.) (i'm 25.)

9. it is nutty!

10. get it? like "i love you"
also, "olives.. ew" because i think olives are pretty gross.

happy monday!
it's galentine's day.

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