Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Dress.

My favorite tradition that Myself and I have is buying a new dress for my birthday. I also started this new tradition last year of getting a tattoo on my birthday that I also enjoy. But, birthday dresses are so fun! Everyone should treat themselves on their birthday! Even if you're turning an age that doesn't matter. And even though you probably won't even have time to go out and celebrate. It's just a nice little thing to do for yourself, I say!

The criteria for a birthday dress should be "fun" "festive" and "you". I also say that! It should also be bought within your birthday month. And not two months before... so, I guess I have two months to wait. : )

we all know i love a dot!
i'd feel very Patty in this.
although it's a little too "sexyish". that's not very me!

this is also very me. green's my favorite color!
and it's festive and fun. 

dots! greenish! a winning combo.
and the bow would make me feel like fozzie bear.

you can't beat red! and birds.
i'm a bird. those sleeves though? not my style.

i like the silhouette and the fun colors of this one.

i'm... the worst.

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