Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Weekends are tough for me. I spend a majority of them working.
But this weekend - THIS WEEKEND... I still spent a majority working.
But, I squeezed in some time to hang out with people.
I saw Savage, I hung out with Jess, Mat Dann got me afternoon drunk,
I gave my hands and toes a makeover... I had fun. 
Here are some pictures!

 {we got to the theater on friday to see that 
Dan had left us POUNDS of sprees.
a PORTION seen here on Evan's head.}

{me & kel. sitting on a couch.
being terrible people.}

{drunk bear.}

{Griffin is so handsome.}

{kagy and i celebrated St. Party's Day.
"Party" is my alter ego... who falls a lot.}

 {wedge season has begun, my friends.}
{my toes are gross and bendy! weird!}

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