Friday, March 16, 2012

Ole, Ombre.

For the past few months, I've been doing this trendy new ombre thing (seen here courtesy of Alexa Chung.) Because... I want to. That's why. It's low maintenance and I'm lazy. Since this blog is predominantly geared towards women (Hi Casey!!!!), I thought I'd share how I did it without spending an S-ton of time or money on it because I actually get asked how to do it a lot. And I'm a total idiot when it comes to dying my own hair, and this is super easy.

Step 1: Go to CVS. Or Target. Or wherever you purchase hair dye. Don't get hair dye. Get highlighting stuff. I use Loreal caramel colored something. It looks like this (in case "caramel colored something" isn't clear enough for you.) Don't use that little thimble thing. It's weird. Mix the stuff according to directions. It's fun and smells like bleach!

Step 2: Put your hair in pig tails and secure elastics at your ears. Then add another elastic half way down the pig tail, so you look a little bit like Pippy Longstocking.

Step 3: Put on gloves! Pretend you're a doctor. Then take some of the bleach and add it to the BOTTOM portion of the pigtail (up to the elastic.) Separate your hair so you get bleach on all of it. Then, walk away. Go to your room and do room things... for 10-15 minutes. (I do 15 because I like it blonder, but do whatever you feel comfortable with.)

Step 4: Back to the bathroom. Take out the bottom elastics. Apply bleach to the rest of the pig tail. Again, separate the hair and get bleach all up in it. Then, walk away. Again. For 10-15 minutes. To do more room things.

Step 5: Take out the elastics. Take a shower. Use the conditioning stuff that comes with it and leave it on your ends for like 3-5 minutes. Trust me, do that. You're putting bleach on your hair... so condition that S.

That's all! I like it because I don't like highlights and I like having darker hair. So it's a nice way to brighten up your dumb face while still having darker hair. And here's the end result. And that's what I look like after sleeping ZERO hours. I get very blurry when I don't sleep!

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Bronnie said...

It looks great!!! I do love the highlight look. I've never had the balls to do it myself... I always pay mega bucks to get it done. Silly really.

I don't suit hats.


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