Monday, March 26, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. this makes me want to paint my bookcase right now.

2. what a fucking hot car.

3. that strong girl at the bottom is TWELVE!
4. trust me. it does.
you'll have a lot more fun. : )

5. i would never, ever wear anything like this.
but it's very cute!

6. i mean, really. look at that face.

7. pie pops.

8. map of jurassic park.

9. i'm a sucker for corn rows, manicured toes
and arrested development prints.

10. i wish i had ANY need for these.

happy monday!
i had a fabulous weekend.
great shows! great final classes for my level ones!
great grad show with Trev's directorial debut!
great friend times! great naps!
 i kinda feel like i'm living the life right now.

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