Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Things!

{that's me and jonah!} 

{that i've loved about my week}

1. you guys. sleeping in is awesome. get on it! everyone quit your day jobs and sleep in with me! my general attitude towards life has been significantly better because i'm sleeping well. 

2. this past week's episode of mad men was easily the best in years. and it set me off on a research trip about LSD and that whole counterculture of the 1960's. i watched the documentary "magic trip" (it's streaming on netflix) and found it so fascinating. seeing how people act on acid is super creepy and cool. now, who wants to trip with me? 

3. my fellow students / current friends are all in chicago together. i was supposed to go with them but i can't because we had a sketch shop last night and we're testing new material in our shows. but they have been instagramming pictures of their trip with the hashtag "#forpattyseyesonly." it has been so fun! i want to go back to chicago so bad!

4. this guy came up to me at a bar the other night and said, "i've been married for 9 years and i have a kid, so i'm not trying to get anything out of this... but i want to let you know that you're a lot prettier than you think you are. and all of these guys have crushes on you and you don't know it. but they don't deserve you." it felt less like i was being hit on, and more like my dad was lecturing me after calming me down from running around my house calling myself ugly. (i've done that!) but the guy was kind of an arrogant jerk and was mean to the guys i was with, but that might have been because as soon as the guy came over, they swarmed around me like a bunch of protective bees and scared the guy away. i appreciate friends!

5. i might not have much money. but i'm very excited to be doing what i love for a living. and i'm happy to have awesome, talented people in my life.

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