Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My friend Matt has a joke that my favorite dish is a "mis-steak." I guess I very noticeably make a lot of them! Or... I have. In the past.

Since I've been teaching improv classes, I've been trying to beat out all the apologizing for making mistakes or breaking the rules. In earlier levels, some students make a "mistake" by breaking a rule and then stop the scene to apologize to me and their scene partner. What I tell them is to let themselves fail. Break the rule and see exactly why it's a "rule" in the first place. The only way to learn how to do something properly is by doing it wrong.

Nobody's perfect, we all know that. Well... except Ryan Gosling. But we can only do better by trying and failing. You fall off the bike, you get back on. You fall off the horse, you stay off the horse... because horses are big and creepy and they pee... ALL THE TIME. For EVER! But you catch the drift. I learned that super high heels are the worst by wearing them... and breaking my ankle in them. I learned happiness can only be found from within because I tried to let other people make me happy. I learned not to text and drive by getting into a car accident while doing so. {Just kidding. I still text when I drive!}

What I'm saying is... treat yourself to a nice medium rare mis-steak every now and then. {Because if you eat steak any other way you are a crazy person. Looking at you, Cavan Rogers.} Also, the picture above is of me and one of my nearest and dearest, Julia. She taught me how to live! {And has always been there for, and approved of, my mistakes.}

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