Monday, April 2, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

1. one of the better ideas i've seen in a while.
for when I open Pattycakes!

2. now that i'm going to be working from home, i want to get a french press
so I can make coffee at home.
and drink them out of these tiny bear cups!

3. that dress and that hair and that expression! perfect!
i am a greedy girl.

4. these ladies look like they're up to no good!

5. vintage travel posters.

6. shh. shut up. i want them.
let's pretend for a second my ankles aren't made of glass.

7. i want to wear that dress and play with sparklers!
found here.

8. temporary tattoos.

9. vintage glassware.
for that bar i have.

10. awesome.

happy monday!
this is my last week at my day job.
scary and sad.

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