Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 Things I've Done While 25

Some people {not people I know} make lists of things they want to accomplish in the year between their birthdays. It's like a more personal resolutions list. I'm never good at keeping any sort of resolution, but I write things I want to work on down just so I can keep it in my brain. Being lazy and unwilling to accept change always rules out in the end though.

Next week is my birthday... and I can easily tell you 25 things I've done while I was 25! Because... I actually did them! I'm not trying to work towards anything. These things have been signed, sealed and delivered! They're mine!

1. Saw a movie by myself. Once. It was Midnight in Paris.
2. Quit my day job to focus on my comedy/acting/writing career.
3. Went to L.A. for the first time to visit Matt and Casey.
4. Lost my Blackberry.
5. Got an iPhone.
6. Eventually had said BlackBerry found and returned to me. Woops.
7. Started teaching improv classes.
8. Saw a Harry Potter movie in the theater for the very last time. {Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe during it because Mary dropped an empty can of nuts... which was then kicked down the row by a stranger.}
9. Officially joined the mainstage cast at IA.
10. Did a show in Lowell with Awkward Compliment. We made it, you guys!
11. Got two tattoos. And they're my favorite ones.
12. Purchased the best pair of glasses I've ever owned.
13. Took a mini-trip to North Conway for a few days with my sister.
14. Swam in a lake.
15. Listened to Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. A lot.
16. Ate a Blue Vanilla Richie's slush.
17. Took a lot of pictures.
18. Watched seasons upon seasons of The Muppet Show.
19. Fell down a flight of stairs and got a concussion.
20. Hurt my ankle during a show and had to finish out the second act in a wheel chair.
21. Performed in one of the most fun shows of my professional career, The IA Halloween Show.
22. Played a pair of legs in a video for my friends.
23. Ombre'd my hair on my own.
24. Saw SNL live at Studio 8H again!
25. Got a massage for the very first time! And it was awesome.

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