Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Casey to Love on Casey's Birthday

 It's Casey's birthday! {You know, Casey? From "Hi Casey" fame?}You know what that means? Ryan's birthday was a week ago and my birthday is one week from now. We're friends!!!! Also, it means that one of my favorite people in the world was born on this lovely day, May 11th.

I love Casey. He's one of my best friends! Casey has a really funny Twitter account. And by that I mean he tweets about things other than the Muppets. Is that how you're supposed to use Twitter? Whatever. Shut Up.

Here are Tweets To Love on Casey's Birthday.
"Pretty irresponsible for YOU to honk at ME while I'm trying to pick a really artistic filter for this pic of a traffic light."

"Was gonna work on my autobiography today but the protagonist is so fucking uninteresting..."

"Yes, losing your job is awful but do you remember the way you felt when Daughtry turned down joining Fuel?"

"Girl with braces and stringy hair at Buffalo Wild Wings on Hollywood. Target acquired."

"Just got shot down by a girl with braces and stringy hair at Buffalo Wild Wings on Hollywood."

"Feel like I'm playing the goddamn piano every time one of you assholes puts an underscore in your email address."

"I don't mean to be a jerk but there is a polite way to ask someone to not steal your wheelchair."

"I'm sick of putting myself out there and not getting kidnapped."

"Can I bum a Yaz off someone?"

"So War Horse is about a war that goes to! I DON'T GET IT"

"Trying to decide between getting chicken parm or buffalo chicken or a lower back tattoo."

hi casey!

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