Friday, June 1, 2012

Britney Moment.

The other day I was feeling really off.  I had no work that needed to get done immediately, it was cloudy out and I just felt kind of useless.  So, I did what all normal woman do when they feel like they have no control and need immediate change... I went to the salon.

Back when Britney Spears went crazy and shaved all her hair off, I just remember thinking it made TOTAL sense.  Imagine being Britney Spears, or just famous in general, specifically at a young age.  Everything is decided for you, everyone tells you how you have to act, your entire life is directed.  You wake up and your clothes are picked out for you, your hair is done for you, your breakfast is prepared for you... there's no control.  I can totally see that getting to me.  Maybe I wouldn't shave all my hair off.  But I understand the idea of feeling completely out of control and knowing that the only thing you can change within a moment is your hair.  I even got a tattoo once because I needed immediate change.  Moral of the story is that I really identify with crazy people.

I walked into that salon with a heavy bag full of problems {of which I created} and a blondish red hair color, I walked out with brown hair and way less worry. I walked home feeling confident and in control of my life... and literally NOTHING changed aside from my hair color.  But maybe that's all we need, just a little bit of change and control so that the things we can't control {see: everything} seem easier to handle.

And it only cost me $130. Plus tip. And however much I spent on the expensive shampoo and conditioner I didn't need. And the styling creme that went with it even though I don't even know what that does. And the coffee that I got on the way home. And... nope, that's it. That's all it cost.  

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