Friday, June 8, 2012

Cape Cod.

This week, I went down to the cape with 9 of my friends from college/improv. We all packed into Bryan's parents' cottage, which slept maybe 6 comfortably. But, we're all overly comfortable with each other so it was fine with us.

When I was a kid, I had trouble with sleepovers.  Anyone who was close with me during that time can attest to this.  I would hardly ever make it through the night.  It would be all fun and games until it was time to go to sleep.  I vividly remember being seven years old and sleeping at my neighbor's house.  We were best friends, as close as family.  Yet, as soon as everyone fell asleep, I felt the anxiety wash over me.  I watched the clock tick and they had one of those clocks that chimed every hour, so every time the chime went off, I got increasingly anxious... I still get freaked out by that sound.  I remember staring out the window at MY house, desperately wanting to just leave and go back home.  I was afraid, I couldn't fall asleep and I was nervous about the morning.

I rarely attend sleepovers anymore. Unless they're with a man and those circumstances are much different. So, the Cape was an interesting experience.  Everything was fine and then we went to sleep, and I was back to being seven years old.  I sat there wide awake while everyone was fast asleep.  I anxiously waited for the morning.  The idea of calling my dad to come get me even flashed through my mind. But, I made it through the night and once everyone was awake, it was fine. And very fun.

On the flip side, it was also interesting to act like I was still in college for a couple of days and feel the difference. I couldn't handle it as much! We played drinking games and flip cup and someone even stripped down to nothing and we had the unfortunate sight of seeing everything nobody should ever see on a man.

The trip was very fun.  Cold and rainy, but fun.  I swam, I sat in a sauna and a hot tub, I drank 1.5 26oz margaritas and flirted with a cactus. I tried scrambled eggs! I ate seafood. I wore jeans... like the whole time! I had fun with my friends. YOLO, y'know.

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