Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Little Things

Last night, I was teaching class with my cute little Iranian intern, Ashley.  During the break, we snuck off to the kitchen to eat pretzels and mustard and talked about the little things in life that we forget to be grateful for.  (Ashley is funny. She's very reflective and appreciative and mental.  She later stole an umbrella from the offices we were in and texted me asking if she should return it ASAP in case it brought bad health to her family.  She's truly a delight. Also, that's her above... ruining the picture.)

But, it's true.  We so often forget.  I so often forget.  I focus on things I don't have, or wish I had, and forget to think about the tiniest of things I'm lucky for.

I just want to be more appreciative.  Maybe I don't have to walk around thinking, "Daaaaaaaaaamn, I'm lucky that I have shoes on my feet!" every single day.  But I could stop and smell the roses every now and then.  And I don't mean that literally... because I hate the smell of flowers. I should appreciate the little things more, is what I'm saying.  So here I go!

the little things. . . 

- working out while the sun is rising.  especially along the waterfront.  it's beautiful. 
- being called a pet name.  always cheers me right up.
- spontaneous adventures.
- waking up, fully rested, from an unexpectedly long and deep sleep.
- getting kissed.  not hello and not goodbye, but just for the hell of it.
- episodes of Arrested Development that i've seen 100 times.
- reading a good quote about comedy that i just agree with 100 percent and it makes me feel less crazy.
- putting together a really good outfit.
- finishing a piece of work that i feel AWESOME about.

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