Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Deal with Bad Days

Lately I've been feeling pretty glum.  There's not one thing that's bringing me down, it's more like everything.  I've been weirdly sick, it's so fucking hot and improv is improv and god damnit, things!  Stupid things!  Today I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, unable to sleep any more because of the heat and I got sick again (I tell you, if I could survive without my back and stomach, I would kill them) and I just started crying from the stress of it all.  

So, naturally, I spent the day trying to beat it.  Here's my tried and true list of how to de-stress and feel better.  Disclaimer: They do not work for everybody.  Nor did these all work for me today.  But, well, mind over matter. 

1. Shower. Cold. Hot. Alternate. Cover your ears and stand directly under the shower head and let it hit the top of your head.  Sing! 

2. Read a book on the waterfront.  Preferably underneath a tree.  And, uh, try not to freak out when you get sap on you and think it's bird shit.  My book of choice today was "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."  I'm re-reading the whole series because that's just the kind of thing I do every now and then because I'm a nerdy bird. 

3. Window shop.  Or regular shop.  I don't have the money, nor do I need another dress.  But, that feeling of something new is always a nice, fleeting feeling. 

4. Go for a walk.  I tried this today, but it was WAY TOO HOT.  I got from the Waterfront to Faneuil Hall and back to the North End.  

5. Do yoga.  Still way too hot, but managed to do a good twenty minutes (then followed it quickly with #1.) 

6. Clean.  When I'm stressed, nothing helps more than getting my life in order in some way.  I swept and Swiffered and gathered up all sorts of trash to take out and did the dishes and I felt accomplished... which is also a nice, fleeting feeling.

7. Listen to music that makes you think of happy memories.  I listened to Motown Remixed while I walked around.  Then Otis Redding while I napped. 

8. Write.  I wrote this blog post!  And some other stuff!  While drinking coffee! 

9. Treat yourself.  I painted my nails and bought a giant iced coffee. My hands are prettier and I feel less tired, what a treat! (My eyes, on the other hand, do not look less tired.)

10. Remember that sometimes it's just totally okay to wallow and be stressed.  We're not perfect and we can't be upbeat and happy every single day.  Sometimes life is a son of a bitch and has us treading water all day... but tomorrow might be better.  And hopefully less sweaty.


Anonymous said...

You should add to your list:
And most importantly, read Patty's Blog. Thanks for always making me feel better!
-A fan

Patty Barrett said...

What! You're sweet, A fan.


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