Friday, July 27, 2012

My Tiny Corner.

{cute bear.}

I have a very small apartment and an even smaller room.  I love my neighborhood, and I'm seconds away from work and walking distance to most places I usually frequent, so that makes up for the small space.  Plus, I have found that I collect a lot less shit when I have such a small space to work with.  I have a lot of random stuff... but as far as big pieces go, I only have my bed.  And a lot of shoes and dresses. 

My walls are a hideous shade of beige/green/gray.  My shelves are constantly dusty (no matter how hard I dust.  Which isn't very hard at all.)  But I work with what I got!  And I think my room is a good representation of my personality.  So, basically, my personality is cramped, cluttered, vibrant, quirky and Muppet-y.

{kermit lunch box and my favorite AC picture.}

 {a smart message. and a picture of mary taking a picture of me.}

{the patty logo and fozzie bear.}


{my bed and photo wall.}

{the jacksons. and my owl.}

 {my favorite dresses, records and my record player.}

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