Monday, July 2, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. perfect bathing suit from ruche.

2. also this cute little number.
mainly because the bow tie makes it look like the dress is wearing sunglasses. 
can you IMAGINE? a dress! wearing sunglasses!

3. i don't change up my jewelry often, but this is simple and cute.

 4. i have a weird fascination with retro fans.

5. bettie page.

6. damn right.
(says the girl who takes next to zero risks.)

7. i want this rug.

8. well... love this.

9. forty in a box.

10.  a part of me wants to get a ridiculously "classic" tattoo like this.
like... a huge part of me.

it's summertime! like for real.
i can't stop thinking of going on a trip.
but i also have notalotof money.
so... staying in boston it is!

happy monday!

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