Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Happy Birthday.

 Today is the birthday of my friend, Nick.

Nick and I performed improv together in college. I thought he was a pretentious douche bag.  Then, I met him.  And he was a pretentious douche bag!  But, there was something about him that made him just the teensy bit likeable.  Maybe it was his Georgia charm.  Or his Ray Charles impression.  Or how incredibly good he was at improv, despite being so new to it.  Or the awful insults he would constantly throw my way.  But, I liked him.   Mostly, I loved fighting with him.

But, despite those fights... there were the other times where he'd do things like save me from getting R'd in New York City, drink late into the night with me and let me read his hilariously amazing diary from when he was in high school and every now and then would tell me I looked good without a mean comment trailing behind it.  "You look good.  But you're still a cunt."

I saw him briefly last week and he said the sweetest things. He showered me with compliments.  He told me he respected me.  He bought me a drink!  And, really, I'm only saying this right now because he'll hate how much I'm gloating! 

Happy Birthday, Nick!  You're basically a nice person.  Here's to a nice post about you in my blog.  I hope you spend your birthday smoking cigarettes, drinking Jameson on the rocks, brooding just a little bit and one-upping everyone you come in contact with.  Oh, just one question, what's a bas relief

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