Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get Outta Town

My friend Janine recently got a tattoo on her ear that didn't heal exactly the way she wanted it to. So, last night we drove to Newport to get it fixed by a tattoo artist that she's been to before and really loved.  It was a nice little road trip! 

We were a bit early for her appointment so we walked around Newport a little bit.  There was a sign that said, "To Waterfront" and I thought how nice and romantic it would be to walk along the waterfront at dusk.  Well, we couldn't find the waterfront.  That sign lied.  But then we saw a really old house that was a restaurant, The White Horse Tavern, and we thought we'd get dinner.  

It was the teensiest bit fancy.  And there was no electricity in the dining room other than candelight.  But, we all know how much I love to pretend I live in a different time period.  It was perfect!  And like $30 a plate. But, whatever, YOLO, right?  We went all out.  Wine, bread (with awesome homemade honey butter), steak and we shared dessert.  Everything was so awesome and we were so full.

Which, of course, helps when you're getting a tattoo.  Luckily, I wasn't, so I just sat in the lobby, uncomfortably stuffed, and read Maxim.  Janine got her tattoo fixed and nearly puked.  It's on her ear, so it was very painful and also very loud, I imagine.  I could hear it all the way from the lobby! Imagine that noise right next to your ear. 

We got lost so many times on the way home, so it took a long time to get home.  But we had fun music and good conversation (mostly about Harry Potter) and it was fun.  A really great Wednesday night.  I feel like I don't do much anymore because I work so much on prime "going out" nights. And I've been in rehearsal so much, and when I'm not in rehearsal - I'm writing or thinking about how I should be writing (but watching Dawson's Creek and old episodes of SNL instead.)  But it was nice to get away for a bit and to hang out with my old married best friend!

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