Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Triumphs

Today, I want to celebrate something really dumb.

I wrote a silent sketch for the next mainstage show that we're currently putting together.  It requires the use of a great song from The Beach Boys, but not the entire song.  So, it had to be edited down and cut up a little bit.  My director, Bryan, said he'd do it for me once I hammered out all the right spots to cut it up. 

But, I was working on it tonight... and I'm very impatient... I don't like waiting... so I taught myself how to use Garage Band and edit the file myself.  I don't know things like that.  The concept is all new to me.  So, I watched a YouTube video that showed me how to do fun things and edit audio files and I did it!  And it sounds good and just the way I want it!  It doesn't sound like an amateur did it at all! 

I told you, I'm celebrating something really dumb.  Garage Band is essentially made for dummies like me.  But there's something so exciting about not relying on other people and teaching yourself to do things on your own.  You'll increase your skill set by just diving in and doing it yourself.  Like, singing, rapping, dancing or making guacamole.

I really get excited over the tiniest of things.  But our little triumphs lead to bigger ones and pretty soon, I'll be P-Diddy!!! (Making my own vodka.)

Also, that picture, nothing to do with this post.  Except, she's always at my side when I'm writing or editing audio files.  That's something I can do now. (On a VERY basic level.)

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