Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patty: Fall Version

There's a slight crisp in the air and it's almost September.  It's time to pretend I can afford clothes shopping, bitches.  This year, I realize that I don't have a high-paying job.  But, I'll make the best of what I've got!  And the outfits I've picked are good, because I already have a lot of these things.  So, here goes.  Fall.  2012.  We ready. 

for everyday wear.
need to buy: chambray dress, black ankle boots.  
(those ones... way too expensive.)

this is my typical outfit from october-april.
need to buy: chiffon mint green dress, seychelles wedges.

i barely wear jeans, but i do on sundays!
need to buy: mustard cardigan, blouses. 

i love mixing stripes with leopard. i have versions of both those dresses.
need to buy: striped pumps.

so, really, if I follow this... that's only seven things.  and everything else i already own!  and, let's be honest, i don't need most of these things... i have a ton of dresses that would work with this configuration.  but those wedges?  ankle boots?  STRIPED PUMPS?!  yes.

and this has been another episode of fall shopping with Patty.

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