Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taran Killam + Us = Fun!

 So, last Friday... us dumb idiots at IA had an awesome audience member from a little show called "Saturday Night Live" named Taran Killam.  Right before we went on, I saw him get seated and I had a little mixture of nerves and excitement going on.  It's always fun to have people in the comedy world come see us perform!  And by that I mean, I've never experienced it. 

Our show started and our opener had SO many technical difficulties.  But, we picked ourselves up and went on and had a really great show.  Taran seemed to think so too. When we met him afterwards, he was very sweet and said that we looked like fun people to sing karaoke with. And... so we did that.  After our 10pm show, we all went to Chinatown and ended up singing karaoke (with lyrics on a background of really terrible stock videos.)

Saturday night, he came down and performed the midnight show with us and again, it was a great show.  This is going to sound crazy... but I like when comedians are actually like, good performers.  He was great at improv.  Obviously... since he's a Groundling.  But, sometimes, I watch certain specials and I'm like, "Oh... okay.  Sure.  That was... good."

Of course it was awesome to hang out with Taran.  But what I really loved was the sense of comedy community.  Being in Boston, I feel sort of removed from the comedy centers of the universe.  We're not Chicago, New York or L.A.  There are a lot of comedians originally from Boston, of course, but IA itself isn't known as being one of the major players.  So, to have someone from SNL come down, hang out with us and feel comfortable being around us was cool. 

At the end of the day, we're all kind of the same.  We all pursued dreams of being comedians/performers and did it in our own way.  Taran has just gone like A LOT further than we have.  And by "A LOT" I mean like ALL THE WAY.  But, we were all doing bits and making jokes and wearing plaid and denim. It didn't feel like we were hanging out with a celebrity, it just felt like we were hanging out with another comedy friend.  Who just happens to be far more successful than we are... and maybe will ever be. 


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Lindsay said...

AMAZING! He's one of my favorite new cast members! Please tell me he did the dance from the French teenagers skit.



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