Friday, August 3, 2012


That's the tattoo I got this week.  It was kind of an overdue birthday tattoo (which was in May.)  I waited so long because I had so many ideas in my head and I was also not 100% ready to endure a whole lot of pain.  I'm kind of a baby, even though none of my tattoos have hurt that bad.  Ultimately, I went with something pretty big but simple.  And will probably be added on/filled in later.  Oh, it's an ampersand (not a B or an E) taken from a vintage marquee.  And it's because of improv.

I recently (over the past two months) have started directing.  I have been teaching improv classes over the past year and it's one of my favorite parts of my job.  I think it's really fun to see people grow and understand improv and start getting it.  Directing is even more fun because I'm working with super talented people and just guiding them and helping them hone their skill.

I really like it.  It's exciting.  And this week, the house team I direct (Two Star Hotel) had their first show and the other team I direct (WNBA) had their second show with a completely new structure.  And both were great.  And I got to perform with Awkward Compliment again and we had a really nice slow, patient and super fun set.  And I'm performing with my usual cast all weekend.  It's just one of those weeks where I look around and think, "I'm not a kid anymore.  I'm not the "younger" generation anymore.  I'm the current generation!"  

I quit my job this year to focus on doing what I love.  And I'm doing it.  Sometimes it's stressful and sometimes it gets me down, but I'm doing it.

(The picture of the tattoo is weird and hard to really see.  But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your back without having it look skanky? It's hard!)

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