Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

   1. summer's great! but i'm excited for tall boots.

 2.  expecto patrooonuuuum!
{i just finished all the harry potter books. again.}

3. i like this bookmark. much fancier than the polaroid i use now.
just kidding, i'm done reading books now that harry's done.

4. i have a huge crush on backpack purses.
but, i'm not 15. or cher horowitz.

5. i used to want a card catalog to keep my art history index cards.
(and by used to, i mean still.)

6. oldie but goodie.

8. esther williams is dangerous when wet.
{that's not a gross joke.}

9. this camera strap is gorgeous.
but a camera strap is one of those weird things i can't justify.
like, i have a functioning one... ugh. why am i practical sometimes?

10. while looking up the "fierce five" gymnastics team, this came up.
i think i like this better.

happy monday!
{on a very early tuesday morning.}

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