Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Every Saturday morning, I direct a lovely group of improvisers... who happen to be all ladies. And they're very talented improvisers... who happen to be all ladies.  I know, women aren't funny... but we can still get together and have fun and pretend that we are, right? 

They had a show last Thursday at Awkward Compliment and it was SO great!  A little bubble of happiness grows inside me when I see people excel at something they love doing.  Some people get into improv to just have a good time, but lately I've been noticing a lot of people getting bit that bug.  They're suddenly realizing that it's not just a fun hobby, it's actually something they'd like to do for a long, long while.  I got bit by that bug!  It stung!  And now I'm seeing that spark in other people and it's really awesome to watch.

The group is called WNBA.  But they are not affiliated with the WNBA, just in case you were wondering.  They are probably not very good at basketball for obvious reasons (they're women.)  Alternate (joke) names were:  Estrogents, Hi, Men! and Once a Month.  Did I mention they're improvisers... who happen to be ladies? 

Last Saturday's rehearsal was so much fun!  So I took pictures.  The lighting was perfect and they all looked super cute for 11am on a Saturday morning.  Make sure to see one of their shows!  

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