Saturday, September 15, 2012

At Peace

 This week has been... strange.  

It was literally good, bad and everything in between.  There was even an hour of time where I went from astoundingly elated to completely depressed to wanting to punch a wall to crying into a pillow and then happily singing in the shower.  That is not a dramatization... that HAPPENED.

I threw in the towel today.  I woke up feeling awful (thank you vodka sodas) and didn't get out of bed until I don't know... 3pm.  But, I just stopped giving a shit or feeling anxious or guilty.  So what I slept all day and re-watched "Parks and Recreation" season four for the SECOND time in a week!  My life is perfectly fine and I'm tired of stressing about dumb shit. The show must go on... quite literally.  Because I'm an actor.  And I'm stressing about the new show we're putting up... but it must go on.  And it'll be great!  It already was tonight and last night.

Other good things: 
1. "Clueless" "Mean Girls" and "A League of Their Own" are now on Netflix instant streaming.  THE BEST. 

2. Parks and Rec is coming back next week!  I know I mentioned watching Season 4 twice in a week, but god, that show is so funny. 

3. Fall is coming. There's a crisp in the air! I even got a hot coffee the other day. 

4. My shins are aching.  Stupid shins!  Wait... that's not good.

5. I spent a lot of time dancing this week (and also, weirdly, jogging.)  Dancing is my favorite, favorite thing ever.  I miss doing it regularly and I think I'm going to try doing it again.  Jogging is also helpful for sanity.  Especially when you witness seal shows while doing so.

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