Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Highs!

1. Every day this week, I got up and went for a walk/jog.  Then I'd stop at Starbucks, get a coffee and a banana and do some writing and reading and generally just get stuff done while listening to Otis Redding and The Beach Boys records.  It was a nice little routine I created for myself and aside from the health benefits of working out, it really makes you feel a lot more sane!

2. I helped my friend Jess go bra shopping this week.  What's not fun about sitting in a Victoria's Secret dressing room while your lady friend changes in and out of bras?

3. My friends moved back to the North End!!  They lived here then moved away to Brookline for a year and it was just the worst.  It's so great having them around the corner so now they're always there to hang out with me whenever I want.  And now when we have pizza Sundays, they're a 2-minute walk away... and not a 30ish minute train ride.  I'M EXCITED!!

4. I hung out with one of my favorite pals this week.  We day drank in the middle of the week!  I ended up falling fast asleep at a very early time.  Those are fun days.

5. Our new show, "This One's For Us," opened last night at IA.  We were in production for what kind of felt like forever and it finally came to a close, kinda, I think.  It was a fun show and the line-up is very fun and physical and exciting to do!  This was the third show we have done this year... and by the end of the year, I will be a part of FIVE new shows with all new material (written by the cast).  What a really, really fun year of comedy.  I'm learning a whole lot and I'm super thankful for this experience!

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