Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Four More Years!

Four years ago, I joined an improv group that I didn't "feel" like joining.  Frankly, I was stupid, and didn't want to pay another director for improv and didn't want to wake up for rehearsals on Saturday mornings at 10am.  But, after a little probing from my friend and director, Jeremy, I decided to join.

And then I was a part of Awkward Compliment.  And then I met the best guys in the world. 

I've been feeling a little stressed lately.  But today I did some filming for Mat Dann and I felt great.  I love my cast mates and I love IA and I'm super thankful for everything that I've accomplished in the past few years and all the people I have met.  But, joining AC is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I made some real amazing friends the day I started, and everyone who joined along the way.  They're some of the only people I know that I could call if I ever needed anything and they'd be there in a second.

It has been an awesome four years of AC.  And while I don't get to perform with them as much anymore, or even see them... and even though half the people currently live (or eventually will live) across the country... I'm still happy that we're still a group.  Nothing's gonna stop us now!

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