Monday, September 24, 2012

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. an igloo village in finland.  so pretty.

 2. matilda. one of my fave childhood movies.
that always makes me want chocolate cake. 

3. pointe.

 4. embroidered fox slippers!

5. polaroid.
Nan Lawson is my favorite.

6. this is an apple pie! i don't know if you could tell.
A Beautiful Mess.

 7. fucking perfect glasses. blue!!
if mine weren't so awesome, i'd get these.

8. ok. another pair of glasses.
but waldo's glasses! celebrating his 25th anniversary!
i love Warby Parker.

9. Anna Karina. Pretty hair, pretty eyes, pretty girl.
Oh So Lovely Vintage.

10. neck tie camera strap.

happy monday!

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