Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Happy Things

1. My week started on a really great note.  I woke up very early on Sunday happy as a clam.  I met my friends for brunch with reggae music, where we got a freshly opened bottle of hot sauce and used half of it among probably three people.  I lounged on a couch all day long before we finally got up and bought pizza-making ingredients and some beers and ate said homemade, delicious pizzas, drank said beers and watched "SNL."  Real great day. Eye open to eye close! (I wish it stayed that way, but, life.)

2. Gudernatch performed in the Leather Gang show with us on Tuesday night!  It had been years.  It was a fun show and fun hang-out afterwards. 

3. Ryan is my teaching intern in my current level one class and it's so much fun.  Since we're both comedy/improv nerds, I think we work together well.  And the class is so great!  They're all really fun and different and we get beers after and it's nice.  Oh, and Ryan's afraid the class thinks we're dating.  His exact words were, "I hope they don't think we're dating."  So, if you're reading and in my class, we're not dating.  Please, ease Ryan's fears that you THINK WE'RE DATING! (What a jerk.)

4. I got a massage on Thursday.  It was $30!  I got a Groupon and it was awesome.  My shoulder hasn't even hurt in two full days.  Oh, I wish it stayed that way! But, life. 

5. I saw the movie Pitch Perfect today all by myself and it was so fun and delightful! It ties together so nicely in the end. I love singing. I want to sing more! Also, I have a bit of a crush on the love interest in the movie.  Both the boy and the girl, actually. 

Those were five happy things in my week.  Even though, all together, the week wasn't superb.  I had a lot of downer moments, but hey, whatever! It's the freakin' weekend, I'm about to have me some fun... just kidding, I have to work all weekend.  But, cheers to YOUR freaking weekend!

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