Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Highs on a Friday

This week was a doozy!  It was pretty strange and tense and awkward... for everyone.  There was a point on Tuesday night where I looked around a table and said, "This is the worst week of everyone's lives, right?" and everyone agreed.  It was one of those weeks where I was at a bar every night, having fun with my friends and ignoring problems.  But, whatever.  This too shall pass.

Here are five good things about my week:

1. Kirsten, Kelly and I recorded our song for that we wrote for the mainstage show.  It's called "Sister Wives of Mitt Romney" where we sing about wishing we were the sister wives of Mitt Romney.  We want to be Mrs. Romney, too.  It's... not true.  I probably didn't have to say that.  But, anyway, we recorded it on Thursday in the theater that was set up to look like a recording studio with headphones and microphones and I felt like I was in The Supremes!  Not Diana Ross, just one of The Supremes!  It will be released on the internet! 

2. I did a lot of yoga while listening to the Sam Cooke Pandora station.  Is it weird that I love listening to R&B and Blues when I'm working out and not like, The Black Eyed Peas?  Or something upbeat and adrenaline pumping?  I do listen to a little Beyonce every now and then. Regardless, I feel strong and a little weak in the shoulder area because I pulled a muscle... almost two years ago... while doing yoga.

3. I had Halloween show rehearsal all week.  The entire week! There was a whole lot of clusterfuck, but we got a lot done.  And I did a lot of bits with myself.  That's all I need to get by.

4. I listened to some records in my dimly lit room with pumpkin scented candles and relaxed myself. 

5. I figured out how to style my bangs finally... that's such a woman thing to say, but it was really dragging me down for the longest time.  I couldn't figure it out!  But I got it.  I also looked at an Etta James album cover to copy her cat eyeliner.  All around, I'm strange. 

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