Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glasses + Me = Forever.

In 8th grade, I went to the library of my Junior High school to take an eye exam.  The nurse, or whoever the lady running the exam was, asked me to read the lines.  I couldn't get past the second one!  She said, "Where are your glasses?" and I said, "I don't have any."  And so she sent me off, telling me that I had to get glasses.  Immediately. 

I remember my first pair of wire frames that I got from Walmart.  Oh, putting them on for the first time!  Being able to see street signs!  The colors of my neighborhood were so bright and vivid - the copper rust on the cars, the green overgrown weeds and the red blood from possible murder.  It was delightful!

Over time, I upgraded.  Glasses became my new favorite thing to buy!  When Tina Fey was popular, I got black thick-rimmed glasses because she was so cool and I had to be like her.  Then, I was able to buy my own glasses... and I thought it was so important to buy expensive brand name ones because I got a severe discount!  I had some green Burberry ones, black Chanel ones, blue Prada ones... we had the time of our lives, those frames.  Every day, there they were.  Sitting on my face.  They saw everything.  Even the things I couldn't see because I was too stupid, like guys who didn't care about me but acted like they did.  But they never told me I was stupid.  Mainly because they didn't have brains or mouths.

But now, years later, I have somewhat narrowed it all down.  I  am willing to invest in a good quality pair of glasses because they're literally the only thing I wear EVERY SINGLE DAY.  They have to weather a lot of storms!  My face goes through a lot.  But, style is key.  I got a pair of bigger, hipstery glasses last summer and I fell in love.  They were a "joke" at first, but I liked the bigger frames on my face and the tortoise shell color.  But then, Warby Parker came along.  Bigger, hipper, muted tortoise shell color... and I found right where I belonged. 

I have never worn contacts.  I never will wear contacts.  (Mainly because there are a lot of bits surrounding how ugly I am without glasses and I'm wondering if they're even "bits" at this point. )

I am the girl with the glasses tattoo. Literally. 

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