Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holly Hobbies.

 Now that I'm an adult (or whatever it is that I am), I'm realizing how much it sucks.  Everything is about working!  And drinking is the only real hobby adults have.  

Before I even started school, I had a hobby.  I started dancing school when I was 3 years old and continued doing that until I was 15.  And I also used to do ceramics all the time.  I'd spend Saturday mornings and some Tuesday and Friday evenings painting ceramics with my friend at a creepy place in Everett.  Then when I was 19, I started doing improv.  I pretty much always had something to do, some fun side-thing... and then I made my hobby my full-time job.  And now, what do I do? 

Aside from drinking, there are some hobbies that I have:

1. Collecting boxes of cereal that I never end up eating. 
2. Buying hair styling products that I don't need and don't work.
3. Waking up and walking around in a fog trying to remember where I put my glasses before I went to sleep. 
4. Watching TV shows on Netflix that I've already watched 100 times. 
5. Testing the limits of my bones to see what will and will not cause them to sprain, twist or break. 

Those aren't good enough hobbies in my book.  But what am I going to do?  Go out and enroll in my old dancing school and put on a purple spandex costume and do a coreographed danced to "The Purple People Eater" with some fifth graders?  Oh, what's that?  They have dancing school for adults, too?  Oh.  Cool.  

I'm just bored.  When your hobby becomes your job, it's fun... but it's no longer a way to relax.   Maybe I'll grow a mini tomato garden on my fire escape.  Or take up painting miniature portraits of my friends.  Or take a Mediterranean cooking class.  Or basket weaving! Or... 

You know... maybe I'll stick to drinking.  There's probably some wines that I've never tried!

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