Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Day

Hurricane Sandy hand-jived her way through the east coast this week.  Yesterday, we had ourselves a hurricane day.  In all of my years, I do not recall a hurricane day.  I have seen plenty of snow days, but 60+mph winds and a lot of rain has never shut down my school or work.  But when a State of Emergency calls!

Most of my friends had a day off from work.  I don't have a job, so it was just another Monday for me.  But still, we made a day out of it.  Thankfully, there was no damage here, but in New York and New Jersey, my god. Scary. Here is how to spend a day off when there's a hurricane forcing you to stay inside all day:

1. Find a friend with a comfy apartment, a television and cable.  Buy them bagels and cream cheese and ingredients for mimosas. (Side note:  I went to CVS to get orange juice and they were all out of Tropicana.  So, I bought Garelick Farms... which I don't like, but got because I figured the champagne would make it better.  But, seriously, was everyone freaking out so hard about this hurricane that they had to stock up on perishable orange juice? The GOOD perishable orange juice?! Ugh. It was fine. Really. But, everyone else, stop making orange juice. Leave it to those happy oranges in the Tropicana factory!)

2. Eat bagels, cream cheese and drink mimosas.

3. Watch "Grease 2" for the first time.  And probably last time.  (Sorry Mary!)

4. Drink more mimosas. Eat "meat pie" made by Mary's mother.  It's not called meat pie, but that's what we kept calling it.

5. Watch "Wild Wild West" at first as a joke, but then leave it on until it ends and you can rap all the words to the song "Wild Wild West" by Will Smith (and Dru Hill).  Big Will.  Dru Hill.  Done and done it again!

6. Drink more mimosas. 

7. Watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked" also as kind of a joke, or placeholder movie until a better one was found.  Needless to say, there was no looking for a better movie.  We watched the whole thing.  Did you know that Justin Long, Jesse McCartney, Amy Poehler, Ana Faris and Christina Applegate play the Chipmunks and Chipettes?  Isn't that weird?  I mean, they have to be expensive... and their voices are unrecognizable!  Anybody could be those chipmunk voices!  Oh well, I'm glad they got money for it!

8. Drink more mimosas while eating baked ziti made by Bryan.

9. Pass out while watching the news and hear Governor Patrick say that essentially, we'll all be okay and the storm didn't hit us, and isn't set to hit us, nearly as much as we thought. 

10. Walk home drunk and tired and full (for less than five minutes) and be completely soaked from head to toe when entering your apartment. 

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